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For information on Conference Management Services, contact:

Mary C. Morgan
Client Development Manager

How to Get Started

The process of collaboration proceeds as follows:

  • Contact IU Conference’s Client Development Manager by phone or email.
  • A meeting date will be established.
  • During the initial meeting the IUC Manager will gather information about the history, the structure and the objectives of the conference.
  • Following the meeting, the IUC Manager will
    • secure facilities
    • draft a tentative agenda
    • prepare a preliminary budget
    • identify proposed IU Conferences service and fees
  • When these tasks are complete, the IUC Manage will set up a second meeting to review the information that has been prepared.
  • As an outgrowth of the second meeting, preliminary information (agenda, budget, services and fees) will be updated, finalized and resubmitted.
  • Presuming that you wish to move forward using IU Conferences services, the IUC Manager will prepare and submit to you a Letter of Agreement. This document will identify IU Conferences services and fees and identify the conference name, date, assigned conference account number, hosting group and the authorized representative of the group who will accept financial responsibility for the conference. The LOA is signed by the client and by IU Conferences.
  • Upon completion of the LOA, the conference is assigned to a Conference Manager who becomes the single point of contact for the conference throughout the remainder of the planning period and beyond.
For information on conference services, contact:
Mary C. Morgan, Client Development Manager
Indiana University Conferences | 812.855.6007
For registration & revenue collection services only, contact:
Ginger Scott, Registration Manager
Office of Conference & Registration Services | 812.855.6922