Conference Management Fees

Fees for Conference Management Services are based on:

  • The services that are being provided (The package of services is unique to the needs of each conference.)
  • The size, duration, location and complexity of the event
  • Our evaluation of the size, duration, location and complexity of the conference and the subsequent time that it will take to provide the services identified

Fees vary from a low of approximately $2,500 to tens of thousands of dollars. In some cases, conference management fees are waived.

While most often fees include a package of services, some of the conference management items can be contracted for as a standalone services, including

Site & Facilities Selection/Contract Negotiations
Fees range from ‘no charge’ to approximately $5,000 depending on the location of the venue, the extent of the search, the complexity of the contract and the length of the site visit, if required.
VIP & Presenter Arrangements
(may be a standalone service OR included with comprehensive meeting management services)
As a standalone service,
International Invited Guests:$300 per person
Domestic Invited Guests:$200 per person
Abstract Submission Administration
We have two types of software available for submitting abstracts.
System 1 – designed for single paper and/or poster submissions of fewer than 100 abstracts
Per submission:$8.50 per submission
System 2 – designed for all types of submissions, including organized panels. Typically used for 100 or more submissions
Per submission:$8.50 per submission (1 – 399)
$6.50 per submission (400+)
Entrepreneurial Program Development
Fees are quoted on the specifics of each program.
For information on conference services, contact:
Mary C. Morgan, Client Development Manager
Indiana University Conferences | 812.855.6007
For registration & revenue collection services only, contact:
Ginger Scott, Registration Manager
Office of Conference & Registration Services | 812.855.6922